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Fully bonded, self-adhesive SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) modified bituminous sheet with high tack resins, waterproofing membrane for building use externally and internally.
Sheets comprising a thick HDPE film, an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating.
Low viscosity latex-bitumen compound used as a penetrating primer.
Single component solvent based system which is formulated using acrylic resin combined with special pigments for enhanced adhesion.
Environmentally friendly, non toxic, cementitious waterproof floor screed that is specially formulated with recycled material for reduced embodied carbon foot print.
Effective integral waterproofing by forming a hydro-phobic layer within the plaster.
Dual-component resilient hydraulic micro-mortar used for protection and waterproofing.

Waterproofing Products Singapore Professionals Can Rely On

Buy from a responsible, trusted company. When you’re looking for the latest, most advanced products in home construction, speak to Parex Group. Our range of waterproofing systems are designed to prevent water damage in internal and external sections of homes, offices and businesses.

Our wide range of eco-friendly waterproofing membranes, enhances the effectiveness and durability of the building’s water tightness while protecting the environment. To cater to your site application needs, Davco has a wide waterproofing product range to meet your varied needs.

A leading adhesion and waterproofing products supplier to the construction industry

With more than three decades of experience in the manufacture and supply of building consumables, Parex Group understands what our customers need better than anyone else. An established leader in the building industry, our company has worked tirelessly to assist professionals across Singapore in getting the very best materials so they can do their very best work.

Know that when you buy from us you’re not just getting an exceptional quality product, but also an environmentally friendly one. Many of our products have been awarded the Singapore Green Building Council’s Green Mark, symbolising our commitment to being an eco-conscious and responsible business.

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Enquire today about our range of tile adhesives, or discover how our waterproofing products can protect your building to enhance durability.

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