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High performance, dual component, rapid setting tile adhesive that is specially formulated for installing all types of tiles and stone material including moisture sensitive stones to various wall & floor substrates.
Single component polymer modified cementitious adhesive mortar that is ideal for jointing lightweight blocks and is approved by the Eco-labelling authority in Singapore as a sustainable building material.
Specially formulated liquid which contains acrylic resin polymer to strengthen cement based products, cement screeds and render.
Premium grade thick and thin bed tile adhesive that is specially formulated for the installation of marble and granite slabs.
Davco Flexible CTA
Premium grade, one component, flexible, thin bed, internal wall tile adhesive.
A two-part waterproofed cement-based colorgrout which is stain, water and chemical resistant and resistance to a broad spectrum of fungal, algae and bacteriological degradation.
Environmentally friendly marble slab adhesive, developed with approved recycled material and is approved by the Eco-labelling authority in Singapore as a sustainable building material.
Flexible synthetic latex additive designed for use in preparation of high strength, thick and thin set mortars.
Single component rapid-setting flexible tile adhesive for thick and thin bed installation of tiles for locations where the tiled area needs to be put into service as quickly as possible.
Cementitious, sanded tile adhesive

Tile Adhesives for Every Property and Every Application

Whether you’re working inside or outside, ensure you’ve got the best materials and systems on the market. Davco’s range of products helps you complete work faster and to a higher level of quality. Available in a variety of compositions and suitable for both interior and exterior tiling, Davco’s eco-friendly range offers contractors and building companies everything they need for a successful job.

Davco Floor Bond, a thick bed tile adhesive, eliminates the need for a screeding process, reducing manpower, tile installation time and money while increasing productivity.

Superior SGBC-approved tiling products with additional waterproofing properties

Parex Group’s products have been recognised by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) as having a reduced environmental impact compared to other products on the market. Offering high-quality, durable waterproofing, SGBC-approved manufacturing and the benefit of 30 years of experience, you can trust our products to perform as intended in a variety of situations, allowing you greater flexibility and decreased labour when on the job.

Enquire today about Davco tile adhesives and waterproofing membranes

Looking for the best waterproofing membranes in Singapore? We have developed a wide range of building products carefully formulated to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectation. Rely on our 30 years of experience to ensure quality work each and every time. We’ve supplied products to companies around the world, working in the most demanding conditions on the most technical products. Rely on the Davco name to ensure quality and cost-efficacy in your projects.

Davco is a globally trusted brand, preferred by professionals. Find out why by making an enquiry today. Call our manufacturing plant directly on (65) 6861 0632 or send a message via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Not sure which system is right for you? Our technical specifier and experienced sales staff will be happy to assist.





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