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Lanko Polycrete ECO FR
Lanko Polycrete ECO FR

Lanko Polycrete ECO FR is a high performance repair mortar for reinstating the integrity of the concrete slab. Lanko Polycrete ECO FR is a two-component, polymer modified cementitious mortar which is non shrink and fiber reinforced to minimize surface cracks. It only needs mixing of the two parts as supplied, without adding water, thus eliminating any error of site mixing. Lanko Polycrete ECO FR is an environmentally friendly repair product which is specially formulated for lower embodied carbon footprint, and is certified by authorized eco labelling authorities as a sustainable building material.


• As a repair medium for concrete or cementitious surfaces damaged by chemical erosion, impact or spalling because of corrosion of reinforcement.
• Lanko Polycrete ECO FR can be use as bedding for installation, angle fillet, patching cracks in areas that is subjected to minor movement.
• It can also be used for plastering and screeding of worn concrete surfaces.


• Fiber reinforced to minimize surface cracks.
• Environmentally friendly repair product.
• Simple to use: Materials are prepacked, preweighed to reduce errors on site mixing, designed to be mixed together and ready for use.
• Thixotropic: Allows easy trowel application thereby enabling high build application thickness in both vertical and horizontal situations.
• Non-shrink: Upholds high bond strength to substrate and no debonding from attached surfaces.
• No dilution with water: Maintains its strength through the constant SBR resin solids, which is not diluted.
• Water resistance: Dense matrix provides waterproofing qualities.




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