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Davco WP Plaster ECO
Davco WP Plaster ECO

Davco WP Plaster ECO provides effective integral waterproofing by forming a hydro-phobic layer within the plaster. It is easy to use and provides superior bonding 6to concrete substrate and brickwork surfaces. Davco WP Plaster ECO is formulated with Ordinary Portland Cement, approved recycled content, graded sand and chemical additives to provide a durable waterproof plaster for both internal and external plastering.

  • Davco WP Plaster ECO is an extremely versatile material.
  • It is highly recommended for bedding, pointing brickwork and blockwork, backing and bedding for wall tiles, and is suitable for both internal and external plastering.
  • Davco WP Plaster ECO can be used for all types of concrete substrate, lightweight autoclaved aerated blocks, brickwall and blockwall etc., whenever a waterproof plaster system is needed.
  • An environmentally friendly building product.
  • Premixed to ensure good consistent quality.
  • Prepacked for convenience in handling.
  • Mixing and application made easy.
  • Eliminates all surface crack lines.
  • High bonding strength.
  • Good weather resistance and high durability.
  • Waterproof plaster provides a continuous and permanent barrier to water.
  • Excellent vapour resistance.




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