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Davco Mortacrete SD
Davco Mortacrete SD

Davco Mortacrete SD is a high performance, shrinkage compensated, polymer modified cementitious repair mortar. It is easy to use, needing only to add clean water and mixing on-site to product a consistent medium weight, chloride free and alkali resistant concrete reinstatement mortar for repairing damaged cementitious surfaces.

  • Davco Mortacrete SD has high compressive strength and is ideal for vertical repairs to concrete columns and beams and medium duty repairs to concrete floor and pavements.
  • Chloride free and alkali resistant
  • High compressive strength for repair on structural concrete
  • Polymer modified for higher bond strength and low water permeability
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Prepacked and premixed in factory for performance accuracy and quality consistency
  • Suitable for overhead repairs




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