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Davco K11 Rapid Plug
Davco K11 Rapid Plug

Davco K11 Rapid Plug is a series of ultra-fast setting hydraulic mortars which offer immediate and long-term protection against water leakage. These mortars harden rapidly and increase slightly in volume while setting.

  • To plug and stop running water under pressure.
  • Quick setting cement for waterproofing, fast repairs, urgent installations.
  • To caulk water leakages
  • To fill holes and cracks
  • To fix hooks and wall plugs
  • To seal pipes and drains
  • To anchor railings
  • To patch spalled areas
  • Ready-to-use quick-setting hydraulic cement
  • Free of chloride and soda
  • High strength with controlled expansion
  • Unaffected by corrosion in embedded metals
  • Seawater




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