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Davco K11 Flex Rapidex (II)
Davco K11 Flex Rapidex (II)

Davco K11 Flex Rapidex (II) is a 2-part acrylic modified waterproofing system that is specially formulated with high performance cement for fast setting properties, reducing the drying time between application coats. This shortens the job lead time and increases workers’ productivity. Davco K11 Flex Rapidex (II) is incorporated with advanced Dust Less Technology to improve air quality, minimise mess and clean up time on site. Davco K11 Flex Rapidex (II) can be applied on damp surfaces and is excellent for waterproofing basement, wet areas and external areas of most sites, where the surface has to be pre-washed prior to applying any waterproofing system. Davco K11 Flex Rapidex (II) has crack bridging properties making it an ideal repair material for shrinkage cracks in substrate up to 2mm width.

  • Davco K11 Flex Rapidex (II) is ideal for bathroom renovation projects where time is of essence. It increases the productivity of workers and lowers manpower cost in the project.
  • Primary uses are for waterproofing of wall and slab, swimming pools, kitchens, toilets, balcony, water tanks. External areas parking deck, planter boxes, sealing precast joints and intersection of two concrete elements. Protection to lightweight blocks, hollow blocks, aerated blocks.
  • Suitable Substrates
    Precast Surface
    Lightweight Blocks




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