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Davco K10 Dampflex
Davco K10 Dampflex

A polyurethane modified concealed waterproofing and sealing membrane, ready-to-use from the container.

  • Provides a seamless waterproofing system which is ideal for use in shower recess prior to tiling.
  • Can also be used to waterproof terraces & balconies.
  • Marbles & tiles can be fixed directly on Davco K10 Dampflex using Davco Tile Adhesive. 
  • Davco K10 Dampflex is a premixed waterproofing membrane, making it easy to use directly out of the container.
  • Davco K10 Dampflex is extremely flexible enabling it to cater for limited floor movement while absorbing vibration. 
  • Being a waterproofing membrane, Davco K10 Dampflex prevents surface water penetration when applied correctly. 
  • Davco K10 Dampflex is a water-based product therefore it is non-toxic and non-flammable. 
  • Davco K10 Dampflex is listed for Singapore use by accredited Authority.




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