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Davco Grout Cure
Davco Grout Cure

A two-part waterproofed cement-based colorgrout which is stain, water and chemical resistant and resistance to a broad spectrum of fungal, algae and bacteriological degradation.

  • Available in wide range of colours to fill joints between tiles and stones.
  • For joints between 1-6mm for unsanded, 6-10mm for sanded.
  • Used in intended hygenic conditions such as hospitals, kitchens, food preparation areas.
  • Used in wet areas like swimming pools and spas. Used in general applications of superior performance, eg. external walkways and trafficable areas.
  • Can be used in place of specifications requiring the use of epoxy grouts for rapid installations.
  • A non-shrink coloured filler different from ordinary pigmented cements.
  • Pigments within the grout are evenly and totally dispersed.
  • Colourfast and ultra-violet (U.V) resistant.
  • Reduces water absorpotion through tile joints.
  • Improve stain and oil resistant.




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