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Davco Grout 70 ECO
Davco Grout 70 ECO

Davco Grout 70 ECO is an environmentally friendly, high strength grout with low embodied carbon footprint. Davco Grout 70 ECO is carefully premixed in factory to ensure consistent product quality on-site. It is easy to use and needs only on-site addition of water to provide a non-shrink grout with high compressive strength.


Use Davco Grout 70 ECO in applications needing high compressive strength and where shrinkage is undesirable. Primary uses are for bedding, filling and grouting applications needing high strength, and non-shrink material. It can be used for bedding mortar, repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing and crane rail assembly.

  • Non gaseous grout, free of bleeding, settlement and shrinkage.
  • Consistent good performance as factory premixes all ingredients.
  • No shrinkage in both plastic and hardened phases.
  • Increased strength when fully restrained.
  • Superior workability.




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