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Davco Davelastic
Davco Davelastic

Davco Davelastic is a specially formulated liquid which contains acrylic resin polymer to strengthen cement based products, cement screeds and render.

  • Mix with neat cement as slurry bond coat to fix render or bed tiles over uneven concrete
  • Mix as an additive (in place of water) in conventional cement sand plaster and screed and mortar to increase flexibility and shear bond strength
  • Used in wet areas like swimming pools and spas
  • When added to thin setting adhesive like Davco Dribond Marble for fixing tiles, increases its shear bond strength in excess of 200% above the AS 2358-1990 Standard for Shear Bond Strength
  • Increase water resistance of cement sand screed by more than 50 - 100 %
  • Increase strength of tile bedding, especially for heavy stones
  • Designed for fixing tiles to external facades
  • Suitable for trafficable or heavy duty areas
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly




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