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Davco Courtkote System (Sanded)
Davco Courtkote System (Sanded)

Davco Courtkote system is an easy to install, all weather, sports surfacing system that gives a durable and hard wearing surface while providing players with the grip that they need. Davco Courtkote system can be applied over asphalt or concrete surfaces and is ideal for a wide variety of recreational sports such as tennis, netball and basketball.

Davco Courtkote system consist of Davco 783 SL for surface preparation and Davco Courtkote (Sanded), a tough acrylic coating for anti slip, enhanced durability and easy maintenance.

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  • Tennis courts
  • Bicycle paths
  • Outdoor basketball
  • Other hard surface areas
  • Volleyball courts
  • Where an attractive, controlled texture is desired
  • Playgrounds
  • Flexible and fade resistant
  • Resistant to extreme outdoor temperatures
  • Fast drying and rapid curing properties
  • Tough, longwearing coloured surface of uniform texture




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