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Davco Courtkote System
Davco Courtkote System

All Weather Davco Courtkote sports surfacing is a blend of Davco Neutral Filler and Davco Coloured TopKote to produce a specially formulated acrylic coating for application over asphalt and concrete type surfaces. It has a variety of recreational uses, the most common being the all weather tennis courts.

Davco Acrylic Sealer - clear non-yellowing acrylic based primer.
Davco Neutral Filler - unpigmented filled acrylic surfacing used in conjunction with Davco Coloured TopKote to provide desired texture.
Davco Coloured TopKote -pigmented acrylic finish used in conjunction with Davco Neutral Filler to obtain desired colour.

*Click on colours icon to see colour chart.

  • Tennis courts
  • Outdoor basketball
  • Volleyball courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Bicycle paths
  • Other hard surface areas
  • Where an attractive, controlled texture is desired
  • Flexible and fade resistant
  • Resists extreme temperatures
  • Dries rapidly
  • Tough, longwearing coloured surface of uniform texture
  • Lower surface temperature by 5-8°C




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