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Davco Carborundum Top Coat
Davco Carborundum Top Coat

Davco Carborundum Top Coat is a non-yellowing, water-based, clear polyurethane floor coating that is easy to apply. Davco Carborudum Top Coat forms a tough homogeneous film that increases the slip & stain resistance while protecting the surface and enhancing its durability.


Davco Carborundum Top Coat is specially formulated for both internal and external application and is ideal for refurbished flooring, pebble wash surfaces and any areas that requires slip and stain resistance. The use of Davco Carborundum Top Coat on any exterior concrete surface provides a durable, long-lasting finish that has improves resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, and abrasion.

  • Offers excellent slip resistance for slippery surfaces such as stone surfaces, pebble wash surfaces, and concrete Finishes.
  • Provides a clear membrane that will not yellow.
  • Seals all concrete surfaces making area easier to clean-up.
  • Dustproofs concrete with a tough, durable film.
  • May be used on all concrete surfaces, including stamped or stained concrete.
  • Provides a clear, tough film, which improves abrasion and stain resistance.
  • Seals and enhances the beauty of many concrete surfaces for years.
  • Ease of maintenance by recoating to restore original beauty.
  • Offers improved resistance to most acids and industrial chemicals, oil, grease.




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