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Davco 173
Davco 173

Davco 173 is a cement based, internal, self levelling, underlayment designed for levelling floors. Davco 173 can be feather-edged and depending on the application, can minimise trowelling. It requires the addition of only water to achieve a highly fluid consistency producing a smooth, level and hard surface.

  • Davco 173 is used to repair, fill or level surfaces in new construction or for corrective work.
  • It is suitable for internal applications.
  • Davco 173 is used as an underlayment prior to installation of carpet, vinyl, tiles or other floor covering systems.
  • It can be walked on after 4 - 6 hours and can receive floor coverings 12 hours after installation.
  • Davco 173 is not a wearing surface and must be protected with a compatible topping, floor covering or coating.




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