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Davco 1000
Davco 1000

Davco 1000 Premium Latex is a high performance, environmentally friendly water based, synthetic resin emulsion which significantly improves the performance of tile adhesives and mortar.

  • Scratch coats.
  • Cement-based coats or lime plaster finishes.
  • Waterproof coats for shaft linings, reservoirs, retention tanks and swimming pools.
  • Bonding and waterproofing of plaster coats.
  • Cast cement screed, without need for picking up.
  • Built-in screed.
  • Admixed screed for tiled flooring.
  • Rendering and reshaping mortar.
  • Bridging mortar for construction joints.
  • Mortar for laying prefabricated elements.
  • Pointing and caulking mortar for a variety of joints : masonry, chimney stacks, flashing.
  • Repairs to concrete flooring.
  • Bonds mortar and concrete, even on smooth substrates.
  • Waterproofs mortar and increases resistance to oil, grease, fuel and diluted acids.
  • Reduces the modulus of elasticity and improves mortar resistance to tension, abrasion and impact.
  • Enables the creation of structures intended to be in contact with water and sea water (using a suitable cement).
  • Reduces shrinking, crazing and chalking.
  • Mortar containing LANKO 1000 Premium Latex is safe and completely harmless and can be used with foodstuffs.




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