Davco Dribond Marble ECO

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Davco Dribond Marble ECO
Davco Dribond Marble ECO

Davco Dribond Marble ECO is a premium grade thick and thin bed tile adhesive that is specially formulated for the installation of marble and granite slabs. Using advanced Dust Less technology, Davco Dribond Marble ECO improves application site air quality, provides superior coverage, ease of application and high bond strength. Davco Dribond Marble ECO is approved by the Eco-labelling authority in Singapore as a sustainable building material. Davco Dribond Marble ECO is classified as C2 when tested to BS EN 12004 - 2007.

  • Used with Davco Davelastic or Davco Mortaflex ECO for higher bond strength and flexibility.
  • Quick grip, non-slip for heavy marbles.
  • White-Based for translucent marble.
  • High water resistant after setting.
  • Easy to use – just add water, Davco Davelastic or Davco Mortaflex ECO.
  • Used for all types of tiles including ceramic, mosaic, slate, terracotta, monocuttura, vitrified and quarry tiles,marble sand natural stone.
  • For areas where intermittent or continuous dampness occurs, eg. swimming pools, shower floors.
  • Non toxic and unaffected by chemicals such as chlorine.
  • High build to facilitate laying.
  • Can be laid over waterproof membrane.
  • Can be colour matched, especially for mosaic installation.




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