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Green Mark Non-Residential Building 2015 Criteria 

3.02b Embodied Carbon



BCA's Carbon Calculator is a tool to help developments identify their carbon dept and quantify their environmental impact and embodied energy, as well as allow benchmarking of projects over time.



A maximum of 2 points can be scored for the use of BCA Carbon Calculator to compute the embodied carbon foot print of the development:

- Declaration of Concrete, Glass and Steel: 1 point

- Declaration of additionnal materials: up to 1 point (0.25 pt per material)

Provide Own Emission Factors with Source Justification (Advanced Green Efforts) 

Up to 1 point can be scored for the provision of own material emission factors (0.25 pt per material).

Compute the Carbon Footprint of the Entire Development (Advenced Green Efforts) 

2 points can be scored for compution of the carbon footprint of the entire development and a detailed carbon footprint report based on all the materials used within the development.


Davco calculates our product carbon footprint according to ISO 14064 standards.

Contact us for more information: http://www.parexgroup.com.sg/contact-us


3.02c Sustainable Products 



The environmental performance of materials covered here includes their recycled content and environmental impact during production and resource extraction. 

The intent is to encourage the specification of resource efficient and environmentally friendly products for use in the fit-out of a building, taking a functional system approach to focus on greening major fit-out materials whilst allowing for flexibility in design as well as recognising designs with optional/ minimal material use.



Applicable to non-structural building components. Structural components are excluded.



A maximum cap of 8 points can be scored for (I) ans (II) 


(I) Functional Systems 

Points can be awarded for the specification and use of green products certified by approved local certification bodies, namely the Singapore green Building Council and the Singapore Environment Council, within 6 main functional system categories of the building as follows: 

- Non-Speculative Buildings/ Speculative Buildings with Tenanded Areas Included 

Non Residential


- Speculative Buildings with tenanted Areas Excluded 

Non Residential

All products (only if used) within a Group for the stipulated coverage must be green certified to score for that group. Additionally, in order to score for a Finishes Group, projects must score for the respective Base Group first.

Detailed examples may be found in the GM NRB: 2015 Technical Guide and Requirements.


(II) Singular Sustainable Products outside of Fonctional Systems

Where sustainable hardscape, building services and M&E products certified by an approved local certification body are used, 0.25 point can be scored per product for > 80% of the applicable use, capped at 2 points.

- Sustainable Products with higher Environmental Credentials (Advanced Green Effort) 

Up to 2 points can be scored for the use of products certified to higher tiers of environmental performance.

Non Residential


For more information on the criterias, please follow this link: https://www.bca.gov.sg/GreenMark/green_mark_criteria.html 















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